Montana Trout Slayer Ale Beer-Battered Grande Fish Taco

Chile Headz Grande Fish Taco

Flaky white fish and “sweet-hot”pickled jalapenos fried together in my own Chile Headz! (TM) spicy southwestern  beer batter on a 10″flour  tortilla with lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, pineapple and jalapeno tarter sauce, chipotle salsa, ranchero beans, and jalapeno fry bread.



6 comments on “Montana Trout Slayer Ale Beer-Battered Grande Fish Taco

  1. Where can I try these? I love trying different fish tacos. Long ago a friend came back from Mexico talking about fish tacos. They didn’t sound good at the time then I tried one now I can’t pass them up and yours look so good.

    • Jim,

      Before I tried my first fish taco I was thinking along the line of something like a taco filled with tuna salad. That just didn’t sound appetizing. In 1992, while in San Diego on the way to Rosarito BC, I tried my first Baja style fish taco, and it was love at first bite! I made many trips to Mexico and ate very little else, in my quest for the best.

      I came up with this recipe while I was working in a restaurant near a ski resort in Montana. I was brought in as a guest chef to heat up the menu with some of my southwestern recipes during the off fly-fishing season. I wanted to come up with the ultimate fish taco. The restaurant patrons gave thumbs up (because their mouths were too full) to uphold the motion that my Trout Slayer fish taco was the best they have ever eaten.

      I’m spending this winter in a small town in NW Montana. I am sorry to say, the only way you can try this is to send me a ticket to where you are 😉 However, I hope to have my beer batter mix manufactured in the near future. Thank you so much for asking.


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