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Island Paradise

Looking at the coral islands of Key West from a Flats boat gave me the inspiration for this recipe.  I decided to make meringue floating islands.  I made the islands look like coral by adding coconut and small dices of dried pineapple. I used small powdered sugar-coated key lime cookies for the boulders. “Northwest meets the south Florida Keys in key lime and huckleberry wine sauce”.  The dollar store supplied my props.

What ever floats your banana boat

While wasting away in  paradise with my friend Sheila, we decided to try a Cuban restaurant. We were discussing the menu items and I asked Sheila what she thought looked good.  She told me “whatever floats your boat”.  Instantly I came up with my newest Florida recipe.  “Whatever Floats Your Banana Boat” from Cuba to Florida.  I created a seafood stew with Cuban seasoning and on top of this dish rests a spicy beer battered plantain topped with tropical fruit salsa.

Sheila and PJ AKA Thelma & Louise

Put the lime on the coconut bars, and call the doctor in the morning. Toasted coconut macaroon bars with key-lime cream cheese and pistachio pudding frosting (less sugar) and candied lime slices and pistachios.


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