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Trail Treats

Grizz's eyes seemed to follow me

I was in Goodwill looking for food photo props.  From the cookie jar shelf I heard….”Pssst….Pssst  PJ look over here”.  I could not believe my luck. A fly-fishing bear cookie jar.  Perfect for fly-fishing clients and my Trail Candy.  I melt dark chocolate and add dried fruit and nuts.  Healthy treats for back packing and camping.  Don’t get it mixed up with the real stuff 🙂

Trail Candy

Bear candy

Another back-packing treat.  I origonally made this with bear meat sausage.  Hence the name “bear candy”.  This can be made with any sausage.  I slice the sausage thin. Coat the pieces with my hot steak seasoning and top with brown sugar. Then I bake it to sticky goodness.  If you should run into a bear when hiking, just toss him the bear candy, and out-run anyone you are with.


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