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Yaak Attack Stack

Yaak Attack Gold Dollar Stack

I grew up not too far from the Yaak River in Northwestern Montana.  The town of Yaak, had a post office, small general store and two bars (one by the name of the “Dirty Shame”).  It was popular for tourists and area residents to go for what was called a “Yaak Attack”.  This involved driving from Yaak to Eureka Montana, approximately fifty miles away and back, hitting every bar along the way.  The Dirty Shame had T-shirts for sale with the words “I Survived a Yaak Attack”.  I have always been a light weight when it comes to drinking, and would be the first causaulty along the road during a Yaak attack.  So  I guess  “Truth in advertising” kept me from purchasing a shirt.

The Yakutat lodge in Alaska was also part of my  inspiration for this decadent breakfast as cooking and fishing in Alaska are both on my “kicking the bucket around” list.  This stack of gold dollar sourdough pancakes with wild blueberry peppercorn syrup and my Bear Candy is a “killer” breakfast treat!  In Alaska I would make the syrup out of Tunder berries which are on my “berry bucket list”.


One comment on “Yaak Attack Stack

  1. Beautiful pictures! “Truth in advertising” kept me form purchasing a shirt…. this says a lot!

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