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Spicy Hot Honey-Mustard Cold-Smoked Duck Breast

Spicy Honey-Mustard Duck Breast

For this recipe, I cold-smoked duck breasts, and scored the skin through the fat, yet not into the meat.  I seasoned the breast with a mixture of raw sugar, sea salt and Mexican oregano.  I then put the breasts in a plastic bag and marinated them for several hours.  An hour before serving, I cold-smoked the breasts for twenty minutes.  Then I pan seared the breasts briefly on the meat side and until the skin was golden on the skin side.  This cooked off most of the duck fat.  I removed the still rare breasts and placed them on a baking sheet.  I drained off the duck fat from the sautee pan and added white wine which I reduced slightly to cook off the alcohol.  I then added spicy brown mustard, chile flakes, and crushed Mexican oregano.  Lastly, I added wild honey to taste.

Fifteen minutes before serving, I baked the duck breasts in a pre-heated 350 degree oven for exactly 14 minutes.  his puts the breasts at 140 degrees. To serve, I plated crisp micro-greens and topped with a Portabella mushroom that I had prepared earlier by baking and basting with an olive oil, garlic & Balsamic vinegar glaze.  I topped this dish with shaved asparagus and carrots that I had blanched in the natural chicken broth before cooking the Quinoa.


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