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Bacon Wrapped Venison Tenderloin with Yukon Jack Gravy and Wild Deschutes High Desert Sage

Bacon wrapped venison tenderloin with wild Deschutes sage and Yukon jack whiskey gravy

While fishing on a high desert river in Oregon I stopped at Mecca Flats and picked some of the very pungent wild sage and brought it back.  A little goes a long way and nicely complements wild game dishes. Since sage is the herb that gives country gravy it’s distinctive flavor, I decided to create a really wild dish.

Venison tenderloin, seasoned with my hot and spicy steak rub, then wrapped in thin strips of bacon(the cheap stuff) to seal in the meat juices. I then pan fried the fillets until the bacon was crisp.  This puts the meat at a medium rare.  A roux is made with flour and pan drippings, then I added Yukon Jack and cream along with the wild Oregon Deschutes sage a little Mexican oregano and southwestern seasonings to make a spicy country-style whiskey gravy. This spicy dish is served with Quinoa and pine nut rissoto.

Deschutes wild sage


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