Steak and You Have To Be “Kidding” Me Pie

I thought a meat pie sounded really good.  What is better than pastry, savory gravy and beef  together with winter vegetables? I put herbs and spices in my pastry crust when making a meat pie or pasty.  This addition really makes for a tasty crust. I thought, perhaps I would try my hand at making a Steak and Kidney Pie. I went to the store and…no kidney!  Just as well however, being the culinary rebel that I am, I like to put my own twist on classic cuisine. As so often happens when creating my dishes, I come up with the name, and then the inspiration for the ingredients and then the recipe will pop into my head.  Since some of my clients would have a little trouble stomaching a dish containing “kidney”.  I thought hmmmmm……Steak and “you have to be kidding me pie”.  This brought to mind “baby goat” and my newest dish was conceived.  Now all I needed was some tender, young, goat meat.  I went to two supermarkets in Spokane and no goat meat.  Not even lamb as a substitute. I decided to drive to a specialty meat market several miles away.  I was told by the butcher they no longer carry goat meat. Several years back, goat was put on Washington State’s exotic animal list.  Now meat markets are required to have a special permit to buy and butcher goat.  What?  Goat is not exactly on the endangered species list!  He told me I would have to find a farmer who raises goats.  Well, that would be way too much trouble, so I bought some tender, young lamb from him.  My meat pie turned out great!  The next time I make it, I will most likely be in Montana where it will be called  “Steak and I am kidding Ewe Pie”.


2 comments on “Steak and You Have To Be “Kidding” Me Pie

  1. This looks delicious, had a few so decided to come again and take a peek!

  2. Thank you so much for stopping in again.

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