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Chorizo & Potato Stuffed French Canadian Toast

Chorizo and Yukon Gold Potato Stuffed Pita French Toast. With French Canadian Pure maple Syrup

A woman friend and I drove up to Fernie BC yesterday for lunch and a little shopping.  It is only an hour drive from Eureka Montana,  to the alpine-like mountains and famous Elk River. Old man winter was late this year here in the lower Canadian Rockies.  It was May 25th with a chilly wind blowing down from the north, and snow dusting the still white mountains. The Elk river looked like chocolate milk, and scattered rain showers in the valley with blowing snow across the mountain tops, kept me from getting good shots of Fernie’s craggy white-capped mountain tops

On a whim, we decided to drive another 35 Kilomiters to Sparwood and stopped at an A&W Drive Inn for a root beer.  I was curious to see if it tasted like A & W root beer does in the States (it does).  Hershey’s chocolate does not!  Sparwood’s claim to fame is “The Largest Truck In The World”.  Well, it does make this 6 ft Amazon look rather insignificant.

Since it is just another 25 Kilometers or so to Elkford BC we decided “what the heck” and see what their claim to fame is.  The name should be a dead give away, and as we rounded the curve into town, there they were, a  huge herd of Elk.  They were oblivious to the traffic driving by, yet as soon as I got out of the car and pointed a camera in their direction they took off.

Before heading back across the border, I bought a bottle of 100 percent pure, no sugar added Canadian maple syrup.  I had been thinking about new gourmet breakfast recipes for Butler Creek Lodge. I came up with a “Northwest Meets Southwest” inspired recipe stuffing pita bread with chorizo and Yukon Gold hash brown potatoes.

After stuffing the pita halves with precooked chorizo sausage and hash brown, I took salad tongs and held the top of the pita pocket together while soaking it in my egg, Greek yogurt, and cinnamon batter.

I fried each side of the stuffed pita French toast over medium heat until golden brown. Then I topped the toast with real dairy butter and poured on a river of maple syrup.  To me, French toast is not “French Toast” without real French Canadian 100% pure maple syrup.


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