Bison Taco Flowers

Bison burger with Chile Headz! Roasted Red Pepper Buffalo Sauce, cheddar and Jack cheese, a dollop of sour cream, avocado and papitas seeds in corn flower pastry cups.

Bison walking among wild flowers on the National Bison Range, was the inspiration for the first of my destination recipe creations for Butler Creek Lodge.

Established in 1905 The National Bison Range Scenic Byway is an 18,500 acre reserve with around 400 free-roaming bison. The Range offers wonderful opportunities for viewing and photographing  bison and other large animals such as elk, bighorn sheep, and black bear. It is the largest reserve outside of Yellowstone National Park and less than an hour’s drive from Butler Creek Lodge in Missoula Montana.

Butler Creek Lodge is located on a private two and a half acre property in Missoula.  The Lodge sleeps up to twelve guests.  Guests have the choice of lodging only, bed and breakfast, family-style, or formal four course dinners. For prices, e-mail me at: chileheadzllc@gmail.com


2 comments on “Bison Taco Flowers

  1. Those look so good..I want some!!!

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