Mousse & Squirrel Parfaits

Northwest Meets Southwest “Mousse and Squirrel Parfaits” ™.  A “young at heart” dessert for my dinner guests at Butler Creek Lodge.

I found an old set of Colorama aluminum sherbert dishes in an upstairs storage closet at my mother’s house.  I remember a home movie with grandma Bina serving coolade in brightly colored aluminum tumblers in the fifties.

I searched on the internet for the Colorama dessert dishes.  The sherbet dishes came out in the early sixties, and were said to be “Sixties vintage sherbet glasses with a “space-age look.” Well they did land on the moon in 1969.

I enjoy having stories behind my recipe creations. I just had to come up with a Montana woodsy theme that is reminiscent of the sixties for my first Butler Creek Lodge dessert.  The perfect theme for my parfait dessert popped into my head at 4am one morning.  “Rocket J. Squirrel and Bullwinkle Moose’ or “Moose and Squirrel” as they were referred to by the dastardly dual of Boris and Natasha.  Perfect! “Hey Rocky, watch me pull a dessert out of my hat!” I loved those cartoons , and there are plenty of Moose in northwestern Montana, along with a plethora of “Tree Rats”.  I hear there are even a few flying tree rats.

When fishing Rock Creek by Phillipsburg Montana, you have to keep a sharp eye out for moose coming down from the mountains to drink.  My woman guide friend Sheila and I, followed a large bull moose down Rock Creek road in my car while fly-fishing one cool October day.  When fishing, a bull moose, or cow with a calf, can be  very dangerous animals to cross paths with. Okay, back to my dessert.

Dark chocolate mousse and……….a light bulb clicked on in my head……”Pink Squirrel!” I remembered there being a popular drink during the sixties called a pink squirrel. A wall-banger was about the most sophisticated a drink as you could find in Montana taverns, so thank goodness for the internet.  The Pink Squirrel originated in Milwaukee, and I found that the liquor Creme de Novaux used in the fifties and sixties is almost impossible to find.  Most likely because it is made from peach pits that are broken and simmered in brandy for a whole month to extract the unique taste and pink color.  I read a combination of cherry juice and an almond flavor liquor may be used.  So my recipe for Pink Squirrel Mousse, is made from blended maraschino cherries for the bright pink color, along with almond liquor and Creme de Cocoa.

The most difficult part of putting this dessert together was finding Bullwinkle and Rocky props.  Finally after a couple of weeks of searching E-bay, I found these perfect little figurines for my Butler Creek Lodge “Mousse and Squirrel Parfaits.

Bullwinkle and Rocky at Butler Creek Lodge


2 comments on “Mousse & Squirrel Parfaits

  1. Wonderful Natasha! Finally got Mousse and Squirrel!!! Fearless Leader will Love it!!! How long did you leave the mixture in Frostbite Falls, before it set up?

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