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Fallen Angel Food Cake

Quite often, the name of a new recipe will pop into my head first, and then the inspiration will follow for it’s creation.  “Fallen Angel” Food Cake was one of those recipes.

While going through some old family photos one day, I picked up one of my oldest daughter Nicolle at a Halloween party. She was wearing a white gown made out of an old sheet, a way off kilter halo on top of her head, with her hands tucked under her chin.  She had a sideways tilt to her head, along with a little “The devil made me do it” smile on her lips, to go along with the theme of her costume.

So, now the question was………..how to make an angel food cake fall? The answer of course, was…………. to add some “devil’s food to it.

I mixed up an angel food cake, and put it in a classic angel food cake pan. I knew regular devil’s food cake would not be decadent enough to make my angel cake fall, so I stirred up some rich, dense, brownie batter.  I then dropped in the brownie batter by spoonfuls around the center tunnel of the angel food cake and baked it. When cooled, I turned the cake upside down, and took the bottom off. The cake fell just as I envisioned it.

It was now ready to fill with heavenly, light as a cloud whipping cream and top with a dark chocolate “fallen angel”.


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