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Re-visiting “The Used Cow Lot”

Northwest Meets Southwest Infusion Cuisine

My most decadent signature dish for carnivore fly-fishing clients is loaded with so much trans-fat and cholesterol I can feel my arteries hardening just making it.  Pan fried, bacon wrapped beef in an amazingly decadent bourbon, butter, and cream sauce.

This killer steak, is made with a fat-marbled filet of Montana beef tenderloin from a grain fed bovine that very well may have hit the end of the road through Mentzer’s “Used Cow Lot” in Drummond Montana

(“This bovine beauty here has four on the ground, dual horns, power steering, and distressed leather seats. “What will it take to get you onto this used cow today)

Montana is the fourth largest state in square miles, yet ranks forty-fourth in population, with cattle out numbering people three to one. I doubt that anyone has ever had to ask “where’s the beef” in Montana cow town restaurants where a T-bone often covers…

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