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The Great Egg On My Face River Disaster of 2010

Salsa aspics with hard boiled eggs in the middle are a great way to to send eggs down the river.  No peeling, no egg shells in the boat or egg odor.

Salsa Aspic 1I was inspired to come up with salsa and egg aspics after the great “egg on my face” river disaster of 2010.  For river lunches, I would hard boil three to four dozen eggs at a time.  I put the cooked eggs on a shelf above the raw eggs in the walk-in cooler.  In the mornings, I would take the hard-boiled eggs from the shelf and put them in two serving bowls. A small bowl on the table in the guide’s room for their buffet lunch, and a larger bowl out on the dining room buffet table for guests.

Every evening around 7pm, the guides would return through the kitchen and drop off the empty lunch containers.  One evening, the first guide in said with a smile “I thought someday, someone would do this to me.” I asked “what happened?”  He relied “I went to crack my hard-boiled egg on my leg, and ended up with egg running down my pants.”  I timidly raised my hand and said “I guess that “someone” would be me.”  Luckily, he had a good sense of humor and said “well, the yoke was definitely on me.”  I replied “Oh my gosh!” “I wouldn’t give you a raw egg on purpose.” and asked with eyes as big as saucers “Did the clients get raw eggs?” “No thank God!” He exclaimed.  “They did think however, the egg running down my guide pants, and the look on my face was just about the funniest thing they had ever seen.” “They almost fell out of the boat laughing.” I was relieved to know that the clients did not get egged, yet  mortified to think  there was the possibility I sent more raw eggs down the river.

As soon as the next guide came through the door, I asked with a small diminutive voice, “did you get any raw eggs in your boat?”  He replied “the clients didn’t, but I did.” “Luckily, it broke in my lunch bag.” “Unluckily, it was in with my sandwich.”  I apologized, and repeated the previous guide’s experience. He burst out into laughter and had me laughing with him despite the apprehension I felt .

I was relieved to know as the remaining four guides reported in, none of the guests got egged. That would not have been funny at all!  It turned out that the only raw eggs to go out on the river that day were from the bowl on the guide table. Luckily for one potential victim, he did not like hard boiled eggs, and made it off the river without incident. I guess I was lucky too as he was the head guide and had a very reserved sense of humor. Since all the guides had gotten to know me by this time, this kitchen mishap ended in humor, and a great river guide story for my six “egg disaster victims” to tell.

The owner, although not amused when I told him what happened, did not scold me, and was laughing along with the guests that night as the great egg debacle was re-lived from the witlessness’s perspectives around the dining tables.  It is bungles like this, which make the fish stories that will be remembered for a lifetime, and re-told time and time again.


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