Destination Dining

Several years ago, I combined my background in the restaurant and catering business with my love for people, fishing, and the outdoors enabling me to successfully work in Montana fly-fishing lodges. I thoroughly enjoyed the personal interaction in serving and entertaining small groups in fishing lodges and I have found this work to be a perfect fit for my style of cuisine, attention to detail, and outgoing personality. I provide personal chef services in Northwestern Montana. nwmeetsswinfusion@gmail.com

Adventures in the great outdoors of Northwestern Montana can only be improved by an entire day filled with creative foods to stimulate your senses, and satisfy your appetite.  Although I prepare a wide variety of dishes, I specialize in creating unique recipes with a  Northwest Meets Southwest infusion theme.  I use healthy hormone free lean meats, fresh fish, and cage free poultry, that I spice up, rub up, or sauce using my own recipes and southwestern seasoning blends. I infuse an abundance of flavors from northwest wines, locally grown fresh fruits, vegetables, berries, and herbs which I then cook, bake, or blend to perfection.

Pork Tenderloin in Wild Turkey Peppercorn Gravy
Served with Yukon potato oven fries and topped with a Montana Morel Mushroom Stuffed with Cougar Gold cheddar cheese and encrusted with Gold Fish cracker crumbs,

A  Northwest Meets Southwest continental breakfast 

features local farmer’s market fruit and homemade pastries.

Spicy Quinoa and Corn Polenta Cakes
With fresh berries and Agave nectar syrup

Guests may add family style dinners, late night  self-serve soup, salad, and dessert buffets, or complete formal four course dinners, to their lodging package. The four-course dinner includes: First course starter, soup or salad, entree with a starch & vegetable, dessert and coffee.

Black Berry BBQ Free Range Chicken
Served Family Style

Montana Lamb Osso Bucco

Also available are gourmet picnic or river lunches to go.

Being extremely health conscious in my own diet, I have perfected exciting meals for those on special diets. Guests who prefer, or require, low-carbohydrate, gluten free, dairy free, or vegan meals may arrange their special needs in advance at no extra charge.

Creating healthy, yet sinfully good food is my passion. It is my desire to go above and beyond to make a stay at the Wilderness Club or Butler Creek Lodge an experience to remember for a lifetime. 


3 comments on “Destination Dining

  1. Hi P.J.
    We met at Fred Hall Long Beach and talked about Fishing and cooking in Mexico, Copper Canyon.
    I must be careful not to browse the recipes described and photographed on your website when I’m hungry!!
    Best wishes,
    Roger Wilson, owner
    Brock’s Flyfishing

  2. I’ve been talking to different people about putting together a package for the fishing the Yucatan peninsula south of Cancun. “Dave”, a guide currently in Bishop, who knows that area, is related to Clark Outfitters in MT and remembers your cooking! Small world in great big one..

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