Decadent Treats

Dog Sledding and Snow Corn Eating

Years ago, on Mount Bachelor, I got a little taste of what it would be like to dog sled in Alaska, along with inspiration for a dessert to put at the top of my Northwest Meets Southwest  “what to eat before you die” food bucket list. DOG SLEDDING AND SNOW CORN EATING “I have a surprise for […]

Fallen Angel Food Cake

Quite often, the name of a new recipe will pop into my head first, and then the inspiration will follow for it’s creation.  “Fallen Angel” Food Cake was one of those recipes. While going through some old family photos one day, I picked up one of my oldest daughter Nicolle at a Halloween party. She […]

Mousse & Squirrel Parfaits

Northwest Meets Southwest “Mousse and Squirrel Parfaits” ™.  A “young at heart” dessert for my dinner guests at Butler Creek Lodge. I found an old set of Colorama aluminum sherbert dishes in an upstairs storage closet at my mother’s house.  I remember a home movie with grandma Bina serving coolade in brightly colored aluminum tumblers […]

Pepperoni & Cheese Jalapeno Rolls

This was a favorite appetizer in my restaurant.  Also a great snack to pack in river lunches for lodge clients.  There are pieces of jalapeno baked in a combination of yeast and corn meal roll.  Gooey melted cheese, chile flakes and pepperoni slices.

Crème de’ Cassis and Blueberry Wine Sorbet With Melt-In-Your-Mouth Sugar Cookie

A favorite lodge client dessert, made with sweet, dry, red wine and ice cream frozen in wine glasses and then topped with Crème de Cassis liquor.  The alcohol is still in this frozen delight so I always suggested a designated driver. Right before serving to guests I would top the sorbets with whipping cream and […]

Montana Moose Drool Ale Cake

I made a red velvet cake with Montana Brewing Company’s Moose Drool Ale in the batter and iced it with hot caramel made with more Moose Drool Ale.  It’s topped with what looks like….Hershey’s Chocolate chunk Nut candy.  When I finally get to check  visiting an Alaskan lodge off my bucket list, I will be […]

Sugar Loaf Rum Cake

This dessert inspiration came from Sugar Loaf in the Florida Keys where I stayed with my friends.  My guide friend Sheila took me to a little bakery and we shared a mango cake.  Being one not to leave “well enough” alone, I came home and made my own version of a kicked up mango cake. […]