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Used Fish Salesmen “What will it take to get you into some used fish today”.

The movie “A River Runs through It” which started the migration to the Siren singing wild trout rivers and streams of Northwestern Montana, is a wash-out compared to the show I was privy to while working as a chef in fishing lodges.  Quite a few of the guides I had the pleasure of working around, […]

The Great Egg On My Face River Disaster of 2010

Salsa aspics with hard boiled eggs in the middle are a great way to to send eggs down the river.  No peeling, no egg shells in the boat or egg odor. I was inspired to come up with salsa and egg aspics after the great “egg on my face” river disaster of 2010.  For river […]

Chorizo & Potato Stuffed French Canadian Toast

A woman friend and I drove up to Fernie BC yesterday for lunch and a little shopping.  It is only an hour drive from Eureka Montana,  to the alpine-like mountains and famous Elk River. Old man winter was late this year here in the lower Canadian Rockies.  It was May 25th with a chilly wind blowing […]

Steak and You Have To Be “Kidding” Me Pie

I thought a meat pie sounded really good.  What is better than pastry, savory gravy and beef  together with winter vegetables? I put herbs and spices in my pastry crust when making a meat pie or pasty.  This addition really makes for a tasty crust. I thought, perhaps I would try my hand at making […]

Self-Loading Chipotle Elk Tostada

Self-Loading Chipotle Elk Tostada.

Sagelands Merlot Black Currant BBQ Game Hen

Sagelands Merlot Black Currant BBQ Game Hen.

Leek and Fresh Pea Soup

I came up with a lodge recipe using fresh peas and leeks.  This light refreshing soup has a creamer texture using fresh new green peas instead of dried split peas.  The clients loved the soup and wanted to know what I called it.  The lodge owner came back to the kitchen to ask.  Being the […]