Bison Taco Flowers

Bison Taco Flowers


Sinaloa Winter Food Festival 2014

On January 23rd 2014, I flew into LA International airport wearing a purple sundress and carrying an aqua blue down-filled winter coat. I had spent much of the last days before departing Montana for the Spokane airport, sorting, stacking, packing, un-packing, re-prioritizing and re-packing. Chef coat and pants for the Sinaloa Winter Food Festival workshops, […]

Siren’s Song

In late 2012, I was contacted by the owner of Millennium Custom Rods.  “I love your photo fly-fishing in a sundress and I would like to build a fly rod for you”.  “You need only pay for components and have your photo taken fishing with the rod” he said.  So began one of David Norton’s […]

Drifting Off In Paradise

Drifting off in Paradise The idea of paradise is different for everyone.  For many, picturing a day in paradise conjures up images akin to sitting under a colorful beach umbrella, with some kind of fu-fu cocktail in hand, while watching the sun sink slowly into the ocean. Periodic gratis days of drift boat fishing is […]

Baby-Back Apple Butter BBQ Ribs

Apples and ribs, a very “tempting” comfort fruit combination Old fashioned apple butter becomes a spicy BBQ sauce and a true Northwest Meets Southwest Infusion flavor twist, in this comfort fruit recipe.  I bought this cute little Harry & David cookie jar apple truck one day while  “Goodwill Shopping” in Beaverton Oregon. I love shopping […]

Fallen Angel Food Cake

Quite often, the name of a new recipe will pop into my head first, and then the inspiration will follow for it’s creation.  “Fallen Angel” Food Cake was one of those recipes. While going through some old family photos one day, I picked up one of my oldest daughter Nicolle at a Halloween party. She […]

Mousse & Squirrel Parfaits

Northwest Meets Southwest “Mousse and Squirrel Parfaits” ™.  A “young at heart” dessert for my dinner guests at Butler Creek Lodge. I found an old set of Colorama aluminum sherbert dishes in an upstairs storage closet at my mother’s house.  I remember a home movie with grandma Bina serving coolade in brightly colored aluminum tumblers […]