The Wilderness Club Eureka MT

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Used Fish Salesmen “What will it take to get you into some used fish today”.

The movie “A River Runs through It” which started the migration to the Siren singing wild trout rivers and streams of Northwestern Montana, is a wash-out compared to the show I was privy to while working as a chef in fishing lodges.  Quite a few of the guides I had the pleasure of working around, […]

The Great Egg On My Face River Disaster of 2010

Salsa aspics with hard boiled eggs in the middle are a great way to to send eggs down the river.  No peeling, no egg shells in the boat or egg odor. I was inspired to come up with salsa and egg aspics after the great “egg on my face” river disaster of 2010.  For river […]

Drifting Off In Paradise

Drifting off in Paradise The idea of paradise is different for everyone.  For many, picturing a day in paradise conjures up images akin to sitting under a colorful beach umbrella, with some kind of fu-fu cocktail in hand, while watching the sun sink slowly into the ocean. Periodic gratis days of drift boat fishing is […]

Caramel Apple Pie Dumplings……an Intriguing combo

Caramel Apple Pie Dumplings is an apple treat I came up with for Halloween that is “scary” good.   This recipe is an infusion of three comfort fruit favorites (apple dumplings, apple pie, and caramel apples). I started by hollowing out a large Cameo apple (like a Halloween Jack-o-lantern).  Then I mixed up a “Northern […]

True Grits and Glory Gravy

Every once in a while I have a real hankering for grits.  Even though my North Carolina grandmother moved to Montana as a young girl, she learned to cook southern style from her mother and older sisters.  I remember her cooking grits two ways.  Grits served with salt and real butter, or grits topped with […]

Mousse & Squirrel Parfaits

Northwest Meets Southwest “Mousse and Squirrel Parfaits” ™.  A “young at heart” dessert for my dinner guests at Butler Creek Lodge. I found an old set of Colorama aluminum sherbert dishes in an upstairs storage closet at my mother’s house.  I remember a home movie with grandma Bina serving coolade in brightly colored aluminum tumblers […]