Missouri River MT Upland Angler Lodge

Missouri River MT Upland Angler Lodge

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Used Fish Salesmen “What will it take to get you into some used fish today”.

The movie “A River Runs through It” which started the migration to the Siren singing wild trout rivers and streams of Northwestern Montana, is a wash-out compared to the show I was privy to while working as a chef in fishing lodges.  Quite a few of the guides I had the pleasure of working around, […]

Stalking “The Fish Whisperer” On The Elk

The Elk River is famous for some of the best dry fly fishing in North America.  Fly-fishers come from all over the world to cast a line in this largely undiscovered river as it flows through the majestic Canadian Rockies from melting glacial ice high above Elk Lakes Provincial Park some 90 miles North of […]

Drifting Off In Paradise

Drifting off in Paradise The idea of paradise is different for everyone.  For many, picturing a day in paradise conjures up images akin to sitting under a colorful beach umbrella, with some kind of fu-fu cocktail in hand, while watching the sun sink slowly into the ocean. Periodic gratis days of drift boat fishing is […]

Fishing In Paradise

As the sign says “Welcome To Paradise”.  To me, the seventy-five mile drive between St. Regis Montana and my cousin’s cabin on Noxon Reservoir is my idea of what paradise has to be like. The first week in May, I joined Scott Anderson, a fly-fishing outfitter friend, for a day of fishing. I was looking […]

Fish Tales

Fish Tales.

CBLT (Candied Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato) Sandwiches

Side pork dusted with natural hickory smoke flavoring, hot steak rub and brown sugar then baked into crispy yet gooey goodness.  This candied bacon is then assembled with lettuce and tomato on to jalapeno cornmeal yeast rolls.  Hot, smokey, spicy and sweet. This popular river sandwich has it all going on.