Siren’s Song

In late 2012, I was contacted by the owner of Millennium Custom Rods.  “I love your photo fly-fishing in a sundress and I would like to build a fly rod for you”.  “You need only pay for components and have your photo taken fishing with the rod” he said.  So began one of David Norton’s […]

Political Issues. It’s the same bird, Just different views

I was taking photos of an old house with burnt-out eaves.  I took a photo of the shady side of the building.  Then, I walked around to the sunlit side, and took another photo.  When I looked closely at the photos, I noticed the same bird was in both photos. At first glance, because of […]

Creative Fly-Tying, Co-Existing, and Earth Science 101

When the creator designed man, it was his first attempt, so he tied a very basic pattern. He said “this is good”, but I want something that will really get noticed. So he added “fluff and sparkle” to his original design with the intention to attract and stimulate. Even though these two patterns are very […]

The Decomposing House

I entitled this photo “The Decomposing House”.  Well, the house is decomposing like it should.  Notice in the lower left corner, man’s creation is not.   Nothing of nature  is meant to last forever. Mother Nature takes care of her own, if left alone.

Catching The Hatch

Sometimes it is easy to figure out what fly to use. Just by looking at nature from a different perspective to see what the locals are catching. On the Crooked River 2011