Sagelands Merlot Black Currant BBQ Game Hen

Sagelands Merlot Black Currant BBQ Game Hen. Advertisements

Honey-Mustard Cold-Smoked Duck Breast

Spicy Hot Honey-Mustard Cold-Smoked Duck Breast.

Crème de’ Cassis and Blueberry Wine Sorbet With Melt-In-Your-Mouth Sugar Cookie

A favorite lodge client dessert, made with sweet, dry, red wine and ice cream frozen in wine glasses and then topped with Crème de Cassis liquor.  The alcohol is still in this frozen delight so I always suggested a designated driver. Right before serving to guests I would top the sorbets with whipping cream and […]

Ole Mole! Bacon Wrapped Chorizo in Mole and Chocolate Wine Sauce

 I picked up a bottle of chocolate red wine. Yes, it does have a screw-off cap, yet very tasty for use in cooking.  I reduced the wine and added it to Mole Sauce. Then wrapped beef chorizo, in extra thin sliced bacon and fried it until the bacon was crispy. Then, I deglazed the pan […]

Spicy Coconut & Sunflower Seed Encrusted King Salmon with Red Currant Chipotle Sauce

Wild King Salmon encrusted with my own spicy coconut and sunflower seed rub.  Served in a pool of  a red currant and white wine reduction with a chipotle pepper bite.  This taste bud zinger is accompanied by a lodge favorite side dish of Grilled Corn and Sweet Potato salad and some spicy Bear Candy Sausage.

Duck Three Ways

Cold-smoked Oregon duck breast cooked rare and served on blanched pepper rings on top of brown and wild lightly seasoned rice with three different sauces.  Honey-mustard wine, Oregon Obsidian blackberry peppercorn and raspberry wine chipotle.

Yellow Tail Smoked Salmon Salsa

I came up with this recipe for Yellow Tail’s Party Cookbook 3 – Medium Bell Peppers (Yellow, Orange and Red) diced 4 – Medium Jalapeno Peppers (diced) 1 – Cup Yellow Tail Moscato wine 2 – Tablespoons Balsamic vinegar 2 – Tablespoons lime juice ¼ Cup Agave nectar 1 Teaspoon finely crushed Mexican oregano leaf […]