Comfort Food

Caramel Apple Pie Dumplings……an Intriguing combo

Caramel Apple Pie Dumplings is an apple treat I came up with for Halloween that is “scary” good.   This recipe is an infusion of three comfort fruit favorites (apple dumplings, apple pie, and caramel apples). I started by hollowing out a large Cameo apple (like a Halloween Jack-o-lantern).  Then I mixed up a “Northern […]

Baby-Back Apple Butter BBQ Ribs

Apples and ribs, a very “tempting” comfort fruit combination Old fashioned apple butter becomes a spicy BBQ sauce and a true Northwest Meets Southwest Infusion flavor twist, in this comfort fruit recipe.  I bought this cute little Harry & David cookie jar apple truck one day while  “Goodwill Shopping” in Beaverton Oregon. I love shopping […]

True Grits and Glory Gravy

Every once in a while I have a real hankering for grits.  Even though my North Carolina grandmother moved to Montana as a young girl, she learned to cook southern style from her mother and older sisters.  I remember her cooking grits two ways.  Grits served with salt and real butter, or grits topped with […]